Hello, and welcome!

My name is Sarah. I am one of four landlords running a friendly village pub in Gloucestershire, England. I am American and English. I am also a songwriter, an artist, a dreamer and a believer in beauty, kindness, compassion, trust and love. I feel things. I feel things very deeply and often get overwhelmed by how sensitive I am and how deeply I feel things. I am no stranger to depression and anxiety, or to keeping myself small so as not to bother anyone. I am an ever changing work-in-progress of a human being, and I am committed to the work of remembering how to be myself and edit myself as little as possible. I am finding my voice, and am slowly recognising that all the things I used to think were wrong with me might actually be my biggest strengths.

How’s that for an introduction?

This website brings together all the things I love best-people, textiles, music, rainbows, self-expression and creativity.